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Camillian Social Center Chiangrai Company Information

  • Muang Chiangrai
  • 57100
  • Chiangrai
  • Thailand


Camillian Social Center Chiangrai>s (CSCC) missions are to give education opportunity to the poor and help the special needs children to improve the ability for their daily life activities. Our vision is to help them and give them education opportunity. We believe in “the same and equal” philosophy which education is free and available for all who seek it. We also believe in improvable of special needs children from the exercise programs. Camillian Social Center Chiangrai (CSCC) is a non-profit, Catholic organization that helps all children for their better future and life. CSCC also strongly believes in an equal opportunity for all and in preserving the cultures, traditions and beliefs of the marginalized communities it works in. Our Center is located in the Chiangrai area and Chiangrai Province (north of Thailand) is home of several hill-tribe people. The Camillian Social Center, so far, provides the opportunity and hope for the families of several hundred of hill-tribe children. Despite being born on Thai soil and having here for their lives, many of the hill-tribe peoples in Thailand are not considered Thai citizens. They must formally apply for the rights and privileges of citizenship, but some are unaware and other neglect to apply for them. Without citizenship they don>t have the common rights as to vote, to have access to government health and to a high education. The children who come to live in the Center seem happy to be here. We can see them laughing and playing with each other while they wash their clothes, help in the kitchen and do chores on the ground. Smiles and laugher are as common during chore time as during playtime. Here they live in much the same style as they do in their villages. They eat Thai food and sit on the floor to eat. The children learn to speak Thai in order to study at the local school, but at playtime they use their tribal languages. The Center's buildings and grounds are adorned with tribal symbols, honoring and celebrating the children's tradition. On Sundays and special occasion the children wear their colorful and distinctive tribal clothing. Many hill-tribes are Catholic so crosses and other religious symbols are commonly embroidered into their garments. Everybody joins for the prayers. The families respect our practice, choosing to share our liturgy when they visit. Similarly, on school occasion, the Catholic, Christians and animist children accompany the Center's Buddhist children to the nearby temple, which is active in the children's development.

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